Chagdud Gonpa Foundation, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to preserving the lineage of profound wisdom and compassion embodied in Tibetan Buddhism.In 1989, Chagdud Rinpoche requested that his students make some practice items, books, and texts available to others by starting a small store at Rigdzin Ling, CGF's main center in North America. What started as a small glass display case in the living room has grown into Tibetan Treasures, a vibrant internet business and associated storefront, as well as Padma Publishing, publisher of traditional sacred texts and books. Please see our "About" page for more information.
Sur Offering Kit with Dragon Tingshas
Price: $ 45.00
Lord of the Dance ~ Revised Edition
Price: $ 17.00
4" Engraved Brass Butterlamp
Regular Price: $ 16.00
Sale Price: $ 12.80
You Save: $ 3.20
On Sale This Month!
Rigpa Tibetan Pocket Calendar
Regular Price: $ 16.95
Sale Price: $ 13.00
You Save: $ 3.95
Spiral Staircase Stand for 3 Lotus Tealights
Price: $ 18.00
Small Gau ~ Silver Om w/Turquoise
Price: $ 18.00
Crab Fire Agate and Turquoise Mala
Price: $ 89.00
Turquoise Stone Chips
Price: $ 10.00

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