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SKU: T02170

Milarepa - by Chogyam Trungpa

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by Chogyam Trungpa
edited by Judith L. Lief

softcover | 304 pages

He went from being the worst kind of malevolent sorcerer to a devoted and ascetic Buddhist practitioner to a completely enlightened being all in a single lifetime. The story of Milarepa (1040 - 1123) is a tale of such extreme and powerful transformation that it might be thought not to have much direct application to our own less dramatic lives - but Chögyam Trungpa shows otherwise. This collection of his teachings on the life and songs of the great Tibetan Buddhist poet-saint reveals how Milarepa's difficulties can be a source of guidance and inspiration for anyone. His struggles, his awakening, and the teachings from his remarkable songs provide precious wisdom for all us practitioners and show what devoted and diligent practice can achieve.

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