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Traditional Statues

At Tibetan Treasures, we sell only the finest statues made by highly-skilled artisans in Nepal using the lost wax method. This ancient technique requires numerous steps and detailed craftsmanship to produce each individually cast image. We are truly pleased to be able to import such traditionally-styled, superior-quality statues.

To create such images, the model - a representation of the finished statue - is carved from wax. Then this model is coated with a refractory consisting of clay mixed with rice bran, which is allowed to dry and harden in the sun. After applying three coats of this clay mixture, the model is placed over a charcoal fire to melt the wax (hence the name lost wax method). Molten metal is then poured into each mold. When it has set, the entire mold is plunged into cold water to wash away the clay. Many, many hours are then spent in polishing and finishing: fine details are accentuated with tiny chisels, the statues are often gold-plated and hand painted, and precious stones are fitted. The result is an image which has been individually cast, polished, and finished by hand. Each mold made in this manner is used to produce a single statue.

These statues can be opened at the base and filled with, mantras, special objects, and sacred substances before consecration. For more information or to order any of our one-of-a-kind statues, please call toll-free: (877) 479-6129 or (530) 623-3706
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