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SKU: T15009

Prayer Wheel ~ Hand Held

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According to the lineage texts on prayer wheels, prayer wheels are used to accumulate wisdom and merit and to purify negativities. The idea of spinning mantras relates to numerous Tantric practices whereby the Tantric practitioner visualizes mantras revolving around the nadis and especially around the meridian chakras such as the heart and crown. 

Each revolution is as meritorious as reading the inscription aloud as many times as it is written on the scroll ~ It is best to turn the wheel with a gentle rhythm and not too fast or frantically. While turning smoothly, one keeps in mind the motivation and spirit of compassion and bodhichitta (the noble mind that aspires to full enlightenment for the benefit of all beings). The benefits attributed to the practice of turning the wheel are vast  as it is said to help these positive attributes arise in the practitioner. 

The practitioner can repeat a mantra as many times as possible during the turning of the wheel, stabilizing a calm, meditative mind. At the end of a practice session, there is a Tibetan Buddhist tradition of dedicating any accumulated merits that one may have gathered during practice to the benefit of all sentient beings. 

Approx Weight: 1.20 lb. / Each Dimensions (LxWxH): 18.00 x 0.75 x 4.00 in.
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