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Jesus and Buddha

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Subtitle: The Parallel Sayings
Forword by Jack Kornfield
Edited by Marcus Borg
Softcover ~ 160 pages

"This remarkable collection reveals how Jesus and Buddha—whether talking about love, wisdom, or materialism—were guiding along the same path. Jesus and Buddha also delves into the mystery surrounding their strikingly similar teachings and presents over one hundred examples from each. As a Christian, I grew up with Jesus and have lived with him all my life. I have not lived with the Buddha. Similarly my work on this book was from the vantage point of a Jesus scholar. But my experience has led me to the conclusion that their teachings about ‘the way’ are virtually identical and that together they are the two most remarkable religious figures who ever lived.”—Marcus Borg

"You hold in your hand a remarkable and beautiful book. Jesus and Buddha are now meeting in an encounter of the spirit. When we listen deeply to their words we find that in many ways, they speak with one heart. If we could enact even one verse from these teachings, it would have the power to illuminate our hearts, free us from confusion and transform our lives.”—Jack Kornfield

Located on this book's pages are some amazingly similar sayings that will leave you hungry to learn more about both Buddhism and Christianity. In the preface, Marcus Borg states that "If the Buddha and Jesus were to meet, neither would try to convert the other ~ not because they would regard such an effort as hopeless, but because they would recognize each other."

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