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Unsurpassable Healing Incense

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This fragrant, healing incense is comprised of many diverse types of herbs, including juniper, sandalwood, saffron, valerian, magnolia, aloe jasmine, and cloves. It was created in accordance with Chagdud Rinpoche's detailed specifications.

Chagdud Rinpoche named the incense P'hul-jung Men-po, which translates to "unsurpassable healing medicine." 10" sticks, 30 per box ~ it is one of our most popular items.

P'hul-jung Meno-po incense is handmade by Sitar Dorje, his wife, Shekhar Tsomo, and their family who first met Rinpoche while they were all living as refugees in a camp in Orissa, India. They have been his devoted students for these many years ~ Shekhar Tsomo is, in fact, our main shopper in Nepal and lives in Boudha.


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